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What are casting professionals saying about us?

 Castweb have always been useful in finding me the right actors for film, TV and commercials. Lightning quick, professional and accurate, I would recommend Castweb to all Casting Directors and Producers looking to spread the word 

Dan Hubbard CDG - Hubbard Casting - Casting Director

 I always distribute my breakdowns to agents via Castweb as it is a reliable and efficient service that I have used for years 

Jill Green CDG - Casting Director

 We rely on Castweb to send out all our Casting Breakdowns, they make the whole process so quick and easy. 

Debbie Shepherd - Casting Director

 I have used Castweb since it started and have always found it a versatile and efficient way to contact agents and artistes. It is an invaluable service for my business 

Debbie O'Brien - Casting Director

 We have found the service offered by Castweb to be extremely efficient, effective and fast, reaching the target not just quickly but precisely 

Andrew Millington - Van Ost & Millington Casting - Casting Director

 Castweb continue to provide an excellent and professional service, are thoroughly recommended and will continually to be of benefit to us here at Lee Dennison Associates 

Lee Dennison CDA - Casting Director

 Castweb is not only the fastest way to get out a breakdown, it's also one of the friendliest services. 

Sue Jones CDG - Casting Director

 CastWeb is a vital aid in the casting process for any casting director, agent or actor 

Paul De Freitas CDG - Casting Director

 Castweb is an invaluable tool; it delivers the right people direct to my email within minutes. 

Mandy Perryment - Casting Director

 Castweb are great. Really nice & helpful & the best way to get to the people I need to in the quickest possible time 

Celestia Fox - Casting Director

 I use Castweb a lot because they understand the industry and they don't screw up. 

Francesca Greene - Casting Director

 Castweb have taken us with our casting process into the next generation , making it more instant and thus time effective for us. It enables PHA to be super efficient and to meet the needs of our theatres. 

Paul Holman - Theatre Producer is at the forefront of 'on-line' casting. Using the speed of the internet, they can get their requirements out, to the right people, instantly - leaving their rivals in their wake, waiting for the next publication day. Along with they are dragging the theatre industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century. More power to them. 

Marc Sinden - Theatre & Film Producer

 I find Castweb very useful indeed for helping me with those immediate castings and getting the word out. A good service! 

Pippa Ailion - Casting Director

 All the professional agents and actors know they need to be with Castweb or they miss out on too many vital castings... 

Debbie Shepherd - Casting Director

 I have used Castweb on many occasions and have always found that they work in the most professional and understanding way. If you send them a last minute breakdown and ask for it to go out straight away, they do just that! I would not hesitate in recommending them. 

Irene Cotton CDG - Casting Director

 An invaluable resource for any casting-director.. 

Alex Johnson - Casting Director

 We have found Castweb to be crucial over the years to get our briefs out to people we've never heard of and those we have. We get an amazingly swift response and our clients have been over the moon as a result. 

Sophie North - Broad Casting - Casting Director

 CastWeb has proved absolutely vital to us, every agent and actor should have it 

Claire Gibbs - Crocodile Casting - Casting Director

 Over the past 7 years Castweb have become indispensible to us. Their breakdown service has improved our efficiency and we will continue to use them for all our casting requirements. 

Charkham Casting

 As a Casting Director I find Castweb invaluable, I use the service for every project I work on. A very quick and reliable service which always provides the right results; even the toughest of deadlines can be achieved with the aid of Castweb. The team at Castweb are a great support and are always available on the end of the phone. 

Sarah Jarrett - Casting Director

 Castweb offer an absolutely fantastic, efficent and reliable service. 

Danny Scollard - Replay Films - Production Manager

 CastWeb is one of the most useful discoveries I've made - the chaps are always happy, always very helpful and always very efficient. This is one of the quickest ways of getting in touch with the industry and I'd thoroughly recommend it 

Mandy Pulling - North One TV

 I had a panic on trying to cast a last minute job, tried CastWeb for the first time and suddenly had all the right choices, it works for me. 

Piers Thompson - Schmick TV

 Very efficient and friendly service which addresses the real requirements for casting and does not waste time with inappropriate proposals. Highly recommended. 

Michael Dyer - The Festival Players Theatre Company - Artistic Director

 We have worked with Castweb for a number of years and have always found the suggestions emanating from our casting information to be very helpful. 

Colin Blumenau - Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds - Artistic Director

 We regularly use Castweb when casting our productions and find their service fast, efficient and most useful. 

Martin Lewton - Theatre North - Artistic Director

 Castweb provides a very helpful service with a real personal touch - they even translated a lengthy brief from French into English, and sent it out to agents with no time lost! 

Ashley Haussman - Paris - Casting Director

 Castweb is invaluable to me! Quick, easy, efficient, and most importantly extremely helpful in a casting crisis! 

Anne Vosser CDG - Casting Director

 Castweb is an expedient way to find a very wide selection of actors. It has become an invaluable source for all our casting requirements 

Hannah Birkett - Casting Director

 TPO Group have used Castweb for our production casting and are constantly delighted with the genuine quality submissions we receive - our time is not wasted in any way and Castweb has proved to be a most valuable resource. As agents, the information we receive is always accurate and provided to us on an instant basis, we are truly delighted customers. 

Ian Sandy - TPO Casting

 We use Castweb for many of our castings and have always found it an extremely useful service, not to mention friendly and very helpful! 

Sasha Robertson CDG - Casting Director

 Castweb is, without doubt, the most efficient way of contacting and distributing casting briefs to agents. Because Castweb can reach such a wide variety of agents, models and actors it is often a fantastic way of finding those you wouldn't come across through the 'normal' channels - I have found some real gems in the past. We always receive a fantastic result when sending out casting briefs - if we ever have a difficult brief we know we can crack it by using Castweb. The boys are friendly, helpful and very efficient - I can't recommend the service enough. 

Ali Fearnley - Casting Director

 Patrick & Rodney have been fantastic over the last few years and they have become a vital part of the casting process. 

Anna Kennedy - Casting Director

 Using Castweb is the quickest and most efficient method in which to contact agents and actors in regards to our castings. They are courteous, fast and meticulous when it comes to giving out details and I cannot recommend them enough. I would never undertake a casting without advertising it on Castweb 

Ilenka Jelowicki - Mad Dog Casting - Casting Director

 We always distribute our casting breakdowns through Castweb and are very pleased by the quality of submissions we receive. It's an excellent service - fast, efficient, and free! What more could you ask? 

Jill Streatfield - Eastern Angles Theatre Company - General Manager

 Castweb has a fantastic source of talented actors and actresses, a web site that never fails to attract some of the best people we've seen. 

Sarah Strong & Clara Dooley - Fortress Productions

 Castweb is the one casting service I never economise on, no matter how dire my circumstances, it is just too vital for my career. It's easy to subscribe (and very reasonable), easy to use, and has certainly got me results. 

Deborah Mason - Actress

 I have used Castweb on many occasions and have always found that they work in the most professional and understanding way. If you send them a last minute breakdown and ask for it to go out straight away, they do just that! I would not hesitate in recommending them. 

Irene Cotton CDG - Casting Director

 I've just renewed my subscription to CastWeb for a third year because it's proved an efficient and professional source of casting breakdowns. For me as an actor the advantage has been that the details are accurate and bang up to date. With Castweb, I am only responding to breakdowns that I know are current and fit me well. Many other actors' website's have outdated and blandly regurgitated breakdowns, often originally posted on other sites days or weeks earlier (this results in casting directors being bombarded by emails long after they submit a breakdown). CastWeb on the other hand is immediate and current, the details are accurate for that day, that is what makes it such an invaluable resource for an actor. 

Tom Wontner - Actor

 I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago. As I promised, here is my testimonial regarding Castweb: 'Castweb' has provided me with some fantastic opportunities, which I would not have heard about anywhere else. When I have replied to suitable casting notices the response from casting directors is often almost instant. This really fast and accurate service is really appreciated! 

Anna Fiertag - Actress

 Castweb is the effortless and effective way to distribute casting briefs to agents and artists... no matter how tight the deadline. 

Richard Evans CDG - Casting Director

 "Life without CastWeb would be like going back to the Stone Age" 

Mark Summers - Mark Summers Casting

 Just a quick thank you note. I had one month left in London so I decided to subscribe to Castweb for a trial period (one month) and I have to say I have been so pleased with it. From a purely business, statistical point of view it has yielded great results. I made four very specific subs, got three auditions/castings and booked one commercial. So thank you all at Castweb. I have been recommending it to all my friends and would not hesitate to use it again if and when I return to London Best wishes, Nicola Bertram. 

Nicola Bertram

 "I'd also like to add that I have used your services for the last 5 years or so now and always with admirable results" 

Michael Harry - English Theatre Co, Barcelona - Director

 Castweb have been a vital part of my success from day one. The friendly, reliable and helpful people of the organisation not only make it a pleasure to do business but they provide a great service I could never do without. May they long continue 


 Just like to say how WELL CastWeb has served me! I have made great contact with lots of casting directors who have advertised on here AND CastWeb is a wonderful alternative to more stoic and more expensive alternatives. Only this last week I have auditioned and been cast in a well paid job advertised here last week by Simon Fielder Ltd. THANK YOU!  

Nigel Winder - Actor

 Brilliant, reliable and on the ball casting service! 

Nicci Topping - Casting Director

  .. thank you all, for your really terrific service and accurate information over the past few years .. 

Suzanne Alvarez - Alvarez Management

 Castweb are great. Really nice & helpful & the best way to get to the people I need to in the quickest possible time. 

Celestia Fox - Casting Director

 Castweb have always been useful in finding me the right actors for film, TV and commercials. Lightning quick, professional and accurate, I would recommend Castweb to all Casting Directors and Producers looking to spread the word  

Dan Hubbard CDA - Casting Director

 What would I do without you??? The applications are already rolling in by the dozen! Such an efficient and well crafted service as always. A million thanks. Mikey  

MIKEY LEVELLE - Freelance Producer

 Thank you for changing my emails to this address, I already have an audition tomorrow thanks to you guys! Kind regards  

James Wolstenholme - Actor

 I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with our Castweb subscription. We have just completed our first year and the work it has generated has paid for itself many times over. A superb service, executed perfectly. 

David Gibbs - Source Models (UK) Ltd

 ".. top value for money, trustworthy, efficient, job-creating and ETHICAL online Casting service" .." THE pre-eminent online Casting Service in the UK, the real 'go-to' place for Actors and the Industry at large .. " 

Michael Warburton - Actor

 ".. we’ve been working with you guys for years and love doing so because of your reputation, honesty and personalities .."  

Chris Maloney - Beverley Keogh Casting - Casting Director

 "I subscribe to a few casting services, but CastWeb is without doubt the one I most value .."  

Richard Rycroft (Actor)

 "I recently responded to a casting breakdown for a feature film "4Hours" that was being advertised on Castweb. I succesfully auditioned and landed the lead role"  

Paul Bibb - Actor -

 Your service has been great.. 

CTG Casting (USA)

 ".. another casting for which I require your impeccable services .. "! 

Mikey Levelle - Shameless - Head Of Music

 "The first day I subscribed to Castweb I got an audition, from my first application! Thankyou Castweb!" Lindsey Readman  

Lindsey Readman - Actress

 Hi Castweb, brilliant site - already got a job booked for next week and another penciled :)  

Felicity Lamb (Actress)

 Thank you both. We love your service! Nellie  

Nellie McQuinn - Grass Roots Media - Executive Producer

 Thank you! We are all booked on this now! Couldnt have done it without you!  

Vinitia - Select Casting - Casting Director

 "Thank you so much for all your help. Your service is magnificent and i am constantly reccomending it."  

Jay Junior - Actor / Model.

 We always get great castings from Castweb. Its an invaluable service.  

Mike Diver (photographer)

 I just wanted to thank you both for having such a useful service. The actors that I have seen in audition through Castweb have been fabulous. Thanks again for accommodating our post ..  

Helen Niland - CondeNast