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Casting Services for Photographers, Stylists, PR & Ad Agencies

Casting your latest project? CastWeb is the UKs standard industry casting
information service for professional agents and actors.

To send your casting requirements FREE OF CHARGE to all, or your choice, of
the leading UK & EUROPEAN agents and personal managers, please e-mail

In the meantime, you will find below a breakdown of over
1000  agents across Europe currently receiving and using

Should you have any queries, please call us on 020 7720 9002

Country -             Number of Agents

Austria                            6
Belarus                            2
Belgium                         10
Bosnia                             1
Bulgaria                           7
Croatia                            5
Czech Republic             19
Denmark                       13
Estonia                           7
Finland                           7
France                        164
Germany                    101
Greece                          38
Hungary                       12
Iceland                           2
Italy                             115
Japan                           36
Latvia                            6
Malta                            1
Netherlands                27
Norway                        8
Poland                        23
Portugal                       9
Republic of Ireland      7
Sweden                      14
Spain                          35
UK                            385

Canada:                       45
China/Hong Kong:      37
Japan                             36
USA - under construction

NB: Further countries to follow.

Whether you're holding a casting today or next week, or just from photos, a brief put out via CastWeb will ensure you receive the best suggestions available instantly while being entirely appropriate to the campaign.

You can submit a brief by e-mail to . Please include a little about your background along with all relevant information regarding your specific requirements (ie. looks, age, sex, shoot dates and fee available to models).

Please be aware that you MUST provide your telephone number in case we need to contact you.*

*Your telephone number will not be published to subscribers unless on request.

Should you have any queries please call us on 020 7720 9002.